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Half/full pallet order quantity prerequisite for sales order creation

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Hi, our client wants to have prerequisite at the time of sales order creation where certain customers are allowed to create sales orders with order quantity in multiple of half/full pallets only. This check should be active only for certain customer and not all customers

Ex - Product XYZ has base unit of PC and sales unit of PAL where 1 PAL = 24 PC.

If a customer sends in an EDI order for 15 PC, the EDI message should error out and a failure notification should be sent to a business user whereas, if the same customer sends in an EDI order for 48 PC, system should allow sales order creation as 48 is a multiple of 24 (2 x 24 = 48). 


Is there a solution available in SAP S4 Public Cloud to fulfil this requirement?

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