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GR processing time - planned order end date

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we have GR processing time of 5 days. Actual production activity starts on Feb 18th and ends on Feb 20th and the order end date is Feb 25th. (because of GR processing time).. we have 2 production versions (two PDS)

pv1 - start date is Feb 1 and end date is Feb 21st

pv2 - start date is Feb 22nd and end date is Feb 28th

when I try to forward reschedule the order (mrp picked pv1) to start on Feb 23rd, system says "validity period not adhered" in scheduling log. the reason is we have a setting "consider" validity period of orders in strategy profile.

is there a way for system to consider actual production activity end date (20th) as the order end date and not the GR processing end date? this way I can still use "consider" validity period of orders in strategy profile and also I will have some time before message "validity period not adhered" shows up.

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