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GR'ing at a different Price

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Greetings, I had a question I was hoping the community could help with.

I have PO with a single line at a Qty of 5. The total GR value for that line is $500 ($100 x 5)

However physically this delivery was not 5 units of 1 Each, but it was actually a single box containing 5 bottles. So the PO Qty should have actually been 1.

Our warehouse then reversed the GR Qty of 5, the PO Qty was then altered to 1, and our warehouse then GR'd this 1 unit. However the GR value is now only $100, instead of the $500 we have been invoiced for.

Can anyone suggest any ideas on how I can fix this so the GR Qty is 1, and the GR Value if $500?

Thanks in advance!

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