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GI posting not possible for TUs with 0 quantity deliveries

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Five deliveries assigned to a TU, one delivery has all the items zero (process code to zero after assignment to TU)

This delivery has all the statuses completed

The rest of deliveries are fully picked and loaded

At departure from checkpoint, shipping cockpit execution APP, we have this error 1. "Delivery &1: No quantity available for goods movement".

I found this behavior in an old oss note 1767905 - GI posting not possible for TUs with 0 quantity deliveries

SAP Note, Version: 1, Released On: 27.09.2012You post a Transportation Unit (TU) Goods Issue and receive the error message:
"Delivery x: No quantity available for goods movement" (/SCWM/GOODS_MOVEMENT025).
This error message can come up if there are deliveries assigned to the TU which contain items with 0 quantity.
but is not applicable for our version
Is there any note to solve this or to remove the assignment of delivery from TU? automatically?Thank you!

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Answers (1)

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Goods issue not possible for PDO with items having zero quantity.

1. You can manually create OD via PRDI t.code

2. Also there is a standard report which can create OD for open PDO items with zero qty. Which you can schedule it