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FSM: Reopen a closed activity

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Hello all,
is it possible to re-open a closed activity in FSM? Business Background to add times or smartforms. 

I didn't find an option in the FSM software to reopen a closed activity, therefore I assume that this is not possible. But just to make sure I'm not missing anything, here's a question for the community. 

Probably a new second activity needs to be created.

Best regards,

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Hi Deborah

You got it all right.

Once an activity is closed, and especially once a service call is closed, FSM takes a step back and does not encourage further changes. This is done to prevent changes from clashing with the follow-up processes that are implemented in the ERP system or somewhere else. Also it prevents tampering with already signed reports.

So FSM does not offer the functionality of re-opening. Instead the best practice would be to duplicate the activity and run the FSM process again on the duplicate.

Of course there are very powerful tools that can do anything (DATA API calls or Business Rules can manipulate data), but you should very carefully consider all implications on the business before going down that path.

Best regards

    Raphael Barabas