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Forwarding Settlement Document SAP TM

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I have problem with calculation in one FWSD.

I have 2 FWO:

- FWO1 - 10 TO * 10 EUR/TO =100 EUR

- FWO2 - 12 TO * 10 EUR/TO = 120 EUR

In addition, I defined scales:

<= 20 T --> 10EUR/TO

>20T --> 8 EUR/ TO

I created FWSD with FWO1 and FWO2 and I received result = 100EUR +120 EUR = 220 EUR

Is it any solution to create one FWSD with calculation: (10TO + 12TO)*8 EUR/TO = 176 EUR

What I should to set in SPRO?

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Answers (3)

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Thank you for your answers. Unfortunately, the system still calculates 100EUR +120 EUR = 220 EUR

I defined new Grouping Rule for Charge Calculation Resolution Base/ Grouped by: DESTLOC and for Calculation Sheet I set: Calculation Resolution Base: PRODUCT.

Any reason, why system calculate it not correctly?

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Hi Aleksandra,

Already seen this detailed blog?
Example is regarding FO's, but can work for FWO's as well.

Grouping Rule