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Forescat consumption at product family level SAP

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Hello IBP Expert,

We have problem to configurate the forecast consumption at product family level.

I was wondering if we can create and execute forecast consumption (product family, customer, location). If that is the case, How can we configurate?

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Answers (1)

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Yyou can set up FC Consumption at any level, and you have 2 different approaches available, no matter whether you have a TS or OBP planning area:

1) The TS operator --> check Time-Series-Based Forecast Consumption

2) The KF calculation with IBP_CONSUMPTION (available since 2311) --> check Model Configuration Guide on Consumption. This will work on exactly the level you configure it, and the input values from the MD type forecastconsumption is interpreted in the same time bucket. Make sure you run in days, calendar weeks or months, but not in technical weeks.

The configuration explained is on the lower level, but you can configure on any level. But you need to take care to disaggregate the result to detailed level as input for your supply runs by some means.

In TS, the input for Supply Run can be a calculated KF, but the input KF for that calculation must be all on the same level. Therefore, running the second approach with a real-time consumption does not bring too much benefit as you need to have a copy operator in-between anyhow.