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Forecast Transferred to ECC Decimals

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I am able to transfer forecast from DP to ECC using transfer profile (MC8U).

The issue is that the forecast in APO DP is being rounded while being transferred to ECC.

You can see the values being rounded in the CIF outbound log files.

Forecast values >0.5 are rounded to 1.0 and forecast values < 0.5 are rounded to 0.0.

ECC Product UOM allows decimal places and you can create PIR using decimals places.

Is there any setting to allow APO Transfer Profile to Transfer forecast using decimals.

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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I don't remember that there's rounding logic during release process.
Several check points:
1) Do you see decimal places in DP planning book?
2) Are you using period split profile?
3) In APO system, t-code /sapapo/c4, set queue detailed logging, debugging on and recording, then after release job, check SMQ2 in ECC system, you can see detailed contents of the queue. What data do you see in the queue content?

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