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FOR Pickup/Delivery date not determining correctly.

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Good Day,

We have scenario, where in STO - vendor is adding at partner tab and updating the address no. of the vendor in delivery address. Stock moves from a plant to vendor location and its country (Europe) to country (Great Britain) transportation order.

Transport Lane has been created and MTRs are added with Transport duration. But in FOR transport duration is determining based on the DDD. Total duration in General data and stages are different. Similarly, the First/Activity date and stage level pickup/Delivery date are also different.

For Example –

1. STO created as FTL with delivery on 16/06

2. STO created as LTL with delivery on 16/06


  1. Loc1 to Vendor location1 with Planned load start date as 12/06 and delivery 13/06
  2. Loc1 to Vendor Location2 with Planned load start date as 13/06 and delivery 14/06

Normally these both should be loading 14.6. for delivery 16.6.

Kindly let me know what config are needed to check and how to fix this issue.


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