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External Inventory Number Range

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Dear all,

My Customer is having the following requirement, Idocs with Type MATERIALPHYSINV_CREATEMULTIPLE will be sent from an external system.

In the System we are having the following data in the Idoc:

The Field "Phys_inv_no" is the inventory number from the external system. And this should then be the Number the inventory document is going to be created:

In my case I maintained the following number Range:

And after that I assigned it to the specific plant:

So it should only be allowed to use a external range in case of plant 1234.

But currently it is not working as I'm expecting it.

I know SAP is not recommending it to do so, but maybe there is a solution to assign a specific external number range just for a plant and only for inventory documents.

Has anybody an idea?

Thank you & Best Regards


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