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EWM Wave capacity

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Hi, I'm using waves and I have setup the capacity by weight. The issue I'm facing is the system is no splitting the waves as I expected. Example, capacity is 20 KG and I have 4 ODO lines with 19 KG, 2 KG, 3 KG, 5 KG. The result is one wave with 4 lines instead 2 waves. I get a warning message saying the capacity was exceed.

Just a comment, the way I'm creating the wave is by selecting all the ODO lines and assigning a wave template. Any idea?


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Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert

"So, the capacity profile just helps in creating smaller warehouse tasks(work load) which then can be further sorted via WOCR and assigned to resource?"

No. The size of the the WT is not changed. It is just about system performance when releasing the wave and creating WTs.