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EWM - System guided by Queue

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Maybe someone can help me regarding system-guided processing in EWM.

I have a resource assigned to a resource group. res.jpg

This resorce group is, himself, assigned to a queue type sequence (qtsq.jpg), and a queue sequence (qseq.jpg). First the outbund queue, then the inbound queue.

Issue im facing is, even if i have 4 WOs open for these 2 queues (2 WO for each), when i go to the RF option 'system-guided by queue', and i put one of these queues, i have an error saying that there are no WO to process. wos.jpg

If i choose the option system guided selection, system allows me to confirm them, and it goes ok.

Shouldnt i be able to select these WO in the option system guided by queue?

For resources working in task interleaving, which queue should i put as default in the resource master data? Empty?



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