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EWM synchronous GR - HU planning by packaging specification

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Hi All,

There is an option in EWM embedded to post synchronous goods receipt for production order.

We are using this functionality to create and post GR for HU.

We are being able to create HU from packaging specification in transaction MIGO.

However this packspec is not getting fetched in COP1. Here its getting fetched from ECC packing instruction.

Is it possible to have EWM packspec in COP1 as well. Or is there a place where we can plan HU with EWM packspec.


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Answers (2)

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We are trying to post the goods receipt using CO11N for production order. Is it possible to achieve the creation of HU at EWM using ECC packing instructions as I dont think it is possible with EWM package specification (Only from MIGO it seems possible ) or we need to go with Inbound delivery based that is only the option if we want to post GR synchronously and also want to create HU Automatically?

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Hi Oritra

SAP provides Unified Package Building with the ability to use all 3 packing engines-1. LO-Packaging instructions, 2-EWM Packaging specifications and 3-TM-package building.

Hope you can surely find a solution for your requirement.



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Thank you Veeresham.

Seems like in standard COP1 only looks for packaging instruction.

The unified package building has been incorporated in MIGO.

We might use the method used there to write a custom.