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EWM S4/HANA - Advanced Production Integration - Cross Order product consumption

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Hi EWM experts

I have a query for EWM Advanced Production Integration.

Since backflush is supported only for Cross-Order consumption and we have to follow delivery based consumption we are trying to set up delivery based consumption.

The document type OPC-Outbound Delivery -CrateCon has been defined and relevant settings for document type and item types are done : DOG - PCD is assigned to OPC , DOG - DOGN - OPC is assigned to ODPC

But during testing for consumption for cross-order parts I am getting an error :


2. PMR : 495 - Component - EWMS4-503 - Cross-Order Component only

3. STAGE FOR PRODUCTION - Cross-Order Staging done (with Fiori app in EWM) - The stock for cross-order part EWMS4-503 is available at PSA BIN -061.PSA.002.1

( Is it necessary that staging should also be done using delivery based integration? )


5. Consumption Posting , tried to post consumption using MIGO_GI - 261 , Goods Issue is being done from - 171S - EWM Av. for Sale

(should the goods issue be done from IM Storage Location ? and not from EWM - 171S ?)

Delivery 80000161 created --> this gets replicated in EWM - delivery no. 495 - Doc Type OPC

This EWM delivery which is created for consumption posting (mov 261 in ERP) should not be picking relevant . Only GI should be posted for this. But I am not able to post GI in EWM for this OPC delivery , which may update ERP side. May be I am missing something ? Can you please help ?

The OPC delivery is Picking relevant and not able to Post GI ?

Can you provide some insights ?



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Answers (1)

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Hi Vinod,

maybe you have wrong customizing for Delivery Position? Check what for position you have and which profiles are assigned to this delivery in Customizing