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EWM RF Verification Profile


Hello Experts,

I understand that there are 2 ways of disabling a certain verification field in the RF Screen.

One is by Verification Control and the other is by checking Disable button in RF Framework.

If I am using the first method,how can i know which Profile is being trigerred for a certain RF screen?

The verification profile doesn't depend on the screen and determination happens based on Activity area,activity and WPT.

CTRL+SHIFT+F1 details also doesnt show this .



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Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Rakesh,

this is correct, verification can be different for different areas. In One area you need to scan product, in other only HU and so on. So you cannot know just from the screen which profile be triggered, it is determined during runtime based on transactional data (as you correct said Activity area,activity and WPT. )



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