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EWM : RF template screen back button does not work for custom Display profile

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Hi All,

I have created as custom display profile for adding custom logical transactions. When I click on initial menu buttons , next set of menu buttons appear. If I press BACK or F7 I don't navigate to earlier screen.

Also, within subscreens Back button functionality works fine. But for template screen above mentioned issue exists

Can anyone confirm what might have went wrong while creating the custom display pofile.

Thanks !!

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Could you please share the RF screen customizing for your step. Is the standard ** display profile settings being touched? Because this should not be the case ideally. I recommend to check your standard settings first.

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Answers (2)

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HI Snehal,

You can check the Fkey assignment to standard here

and then ensure your custom presentation profile has this function code assigned

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Hi Snehal,

Check if F7 is assigned to function code or not for main screens. Hopefully that is the miss...

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For custom logical transaction, we can define function code but for standard template screen, I guess It will be handled by framework. Could you confirm where can we do F7 configuration for stndard template screens