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EWM QM POSC QT creation error

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I have WPT "TPCK" setup with storage process defined in POSC. WPT  is for both QA and Non-QA PNs, so I setup ZQIS ext step (WPT 3060)as rule based and also I included Dest. st. type and bin (Bin exists, bin is empty, A+AA maintained) for QA. I checked "rule based" option as I read somewhere this must be checked if I  want to apply this step only in case there is inspection lot generated. 

For non-inspection lot it works fine (and it continue with second putaway step), but in case there is inspection lot it show me error during WT creation 

No destination data could be determined for the quality inspection

Message no. /SCWM/QINSP090

LOG (SLG1 empty) from PRDI/create task:


Seems like the system cannot find my QA bin defined in POSC but not sure why as it exists...

Please help


Thank you




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Fyi, I believe this error is mistake and should not be there - After some additional settings it seems to me the destination st. bin is properly assigned becouse once I unclick the error message, i can see the WT is ready to be created including destination QA st. type and storage bin - also Im able to push the Save button and the WT is created including destination st. type and st. bin. Based on this I believe the message is incorrect and now looking for way how to change it to warning becouse I think the standard  WPT settings "Allow WT creation in RF putaway" is not working due to this error