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EWM - New Search field in /SCWM/TU



in EWM, transaction /SCWM/TU, I was asked to assess how to enhance the 'Search for Delivs' button in 'Free Deliveries' tab, and the same for 'Search for HUs' in the 'Free HUs' tab.

That is, I'd like to add a new field to the selection screen called by the 'search' button and implement the lookup.

Both buttons call dynpro 9900 in /SCWM/SAPLUI_TU, but that's that: I can't find any way to change the behaviour, except adding the new field as a repair. But even if I do, I can't seem to understand where the actual logic for lookup is located. Any advice?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi giuseppevetrano,

Please try the below options -

1. Create a new selection screen by copying 9900 and add your new field to the new screen.

2. Enhance the function module /SCWM/POPUP_OPEN_WHR to call your new selection screen instead of the standard selection screen. After this, you will see your new selection screen parameter for user input.

3. After calling the new selection screen, just below that populate the values and selection parameter name in ET_SELECTION in the same function module.

Example code to update the selection parameter:-

CLEAR: ls_selection.
ls_selection-fieldname = 'ZZTRACK'.
ls_selection-sign = 'I'.
ls_selection-option = 'EQ'.
ls_selection-low = P_ZZTRACK.
APPEND ls_selection TO et_selection.

4. Based on your filter requirement, enhance either delivery header structure /SCDL/S_SP_A_HEAD or /SCDL/S_SP_A_ITEM for the lookup to work properly.5. Standard will build the dynamic where clause based on ET_SELECTION and read data from the delivery tables. Let me know if you have any issues.RegardsSunil Mani

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