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EWM Exception Codes


Hello everyone!

We have sensitive material that must not be touched by hand. That's why we often want to pick the whole box (24 pcs) instead of the requested quantity (1 pc). There is one HU in a storage bin.

Current situation:
Request quantity of a warehouse task with 1 pc.
The stock is increased in the RF with an exception code (with process code DIFF in the background).

The requirement is that a complete box with 24 pc is picked instead of just the request quantity of 1 pc.

This works so far, except for the following case, which also seems logical:

A warehouse task is created in storage bin 1 with a request for 1 pc.
A short time later, a warehouse task 2 is created in storage bin 1 with a request for 1 pc.

The exception code can no longer be used within the first warehouse tasks, as a second warehouse tasks has been created in the storage bin/HU. So we can not increase the request amoung. 

How can we ensure that the exception code can always be used?
The reason for the problem is that a second warehouse tasks exists on this storage bin/HU.

It makes no sense to block the storage bin that no other warehouse task will be created, as it will then no longer be possible to pick goods from this storage bin (for our first warehouse task). Rounding options? Standard options? Do you know a BadI for example to pick from a storage bin that is blocked? 

Any creative ideas?
Thank you! 🙂

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