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EWM, By-Product

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Hello everyone and sorry to bother you,

Has anyone had to work with PMRs to which, in an intermediate process of the same OF, before post the final product to be manufactured, you have to post a By-Product also from the RF?

Among others, in Internet we have found this: By-Product receipt with SAP EWM API (

From that, we have understood of the same one, if we do not have to make a EGR document, apparently, from EWM it is not necessary to do anything special

The problem is that we are getting the By-Product post in queue with this error:

The pos.V51VP does not exist: Action cancelled HUGENERAL 56.

And it is because in the LIPS the type of movement is not being recorded: LIPS-BWART

Despite the difficulty of searching for notes in this case (when we search for "by-product" it also searches for "product"), we have applied some of them, but without success...

Hence this mail... Have any of you encountered this problem and can you help us?

In any case, thanks, and sorry again for this "SOS"...

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