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Error in RFUI on confirmation of Crossdocking warehouse task in EWM

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I have set up the cross docking (Inbound Driven Opportunistic Cross Docking). After Goods receipt, stock is available on GR-ZONE.

When scans the HU to process it further as a warehouse employee at GR-ZONE using RF path: Inbound Process=>Putaway=>Putaway by HU , gets the error ""E: Warehouse order AAAA not intended for RESOURCE (/SCWM/RF_DE047)"".

However, Found that scanning HU in Putaway menu on RF has generates the Cross Docking warehouse Task automatically and processing further with Putaway Menu it gives above error.

This error is because of CrossDocking warehouse task type is PICK which is not allowed with Resource in Putaway menu.

Want to understand How the Cross Docking work on RF.....

As a warehouse employee at GR-ZONE will always work on PUTAWAY menu on RF Device and the Cross docking task is PICK Which is not allowed on PUTAWAY menu . What is the right process to implement the Inbound Driven Opportunistic Cross Docking?

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"This error is because of CrossDocking warehouse task type is PICK which is not allowed with Resource in Putaway menu."

I would not think that this is causing the error. The menu itself does not really control which task type or even queue the warehouse order has.

What I suspect:

- your resources are assigned to resource groups.

- to the resource groups you have assigned the queues which are to be processed.

- the WO which is created in the background is in a queue which is not assigned to the resource group.

So if this is the case (you should check what queue is determined for the WO), you should add this queue to the resource group. If you want to have separate work assignments for the resource working inbound vs. outbound, you should set up a special queue for these WOs.



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Please check your configuration

  • Step 1: Activation of BADI for Inbound and Outbound. SPRO > EWM> BADIs for EWM> Cross Process Settings> EWM Triggered Cross Docking.
  • Step 2: Product group Type and Product Group. ...
  • Step 3: Activation of Opportunistic Cross Docking at Warehouse Level. ...
  • Step 4: Picking Strategy & Storage Type Search Sequence.
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Thank you for reply!

I have followed these steps and cross docking warehouse task is already created but getting an error while processing Warehouse Task in PUTAWAY Menu on RF device. (Warehouse employee at GR Zone Scans the HU through PUTAWAY Menu on RF Device)

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Hi Hemanth,

Create a Queue to pick stock from GR-ZONE to GI_ZONE.

Whenever the warehouse user logs onto the queue, SAP will propose the open WT/WO to pick the cross-docking stock/HU from GR-ZONE.

This will solve the issue irrespective of how the cross-docking PICK WT is created, either using 'putaway by HU', 'Picking by HU' RF transactions, or picking WT creation against the outbound deliveries in /SCWM/PRDO.

Hope this helps