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'Empty Scheduling Interval' - CTM does not plan

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Hi ,

I have a BOM structure with Finished good (FG) A and Component B. Component B has 8 weeks SNP production Horizon.

No PPDS horizon maintained

Master Data settings:

Select Dependent data automatically

Perform only single level selection

CTM Profile settings:

1. Tried both  Keep Lateness to minimum & Standard scheduling

2. Fixed Pegging/Backward scheduling

3, Re plan all order & Delete orders that are not firm.

When I plan this way CTM creates planned order  (uses 50% of production order sitting on Component) on FG after one year horizon and most of the demands are not fulfilled. The explanation log says “ Empty scheduling interval’ No scheduling after 12/11/2014 (On year from now) or before Demand date + (198 days –which is our Late demand fulfillment days)

IF I check the Ignore master data à Production Horizon it plans correctly but creates planned order inside the production horizon.

Heuristic plans correctly as expected respecting Horizons and creating one big component planned order on 9th week after SNP production horizon. Can we expect the same with CTM?

PS: We need to differentiate planned orders from each FG so we need CTM. (FG A and FG B can have component B) Cannot run Heuristic as it will just give one big planned order on component.



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Answers (3)

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Hello Sai,

Did you maintain the Time Stream in the CTM profile? If yes please check the period type and the number of periods (the horizon have to cover all your demand).

The CTM SNP have to respect the SNP production horizon. Will not create SNP Pl.Order inside the SNP prod.horizon interval.

If you don't want to have gaps in your planning please choose forward scheduling with finite mode instead to backward scheduling with infinite mode where you will have the same results as with SNP Heuristic.

The CTM is order based, so for each requirement you will have a receipt.

Thanks, Marius

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First remember that SNP heuristic is a infinite planning (means does not consider the resource capacity). What do you use in CTM, finite, infinite, from resource settings?

Keep in mind that SNP heuristic is planning on location product whereas CTM is planning the full supply chain.

I would recomment to not compare SNP heuristic with CTM since they are two very different planning tool.

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Check the Time Stream How long you maintained in the system