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Embedded EWM Goods Receipt

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Dear community,

I have a question regarding the goods receipt for purchase orders in the S/4HANA EWM embedded scenario.

The purchase order is created without ASNs and therefore confirmation keys are not used.

What is the best practice is this case as there are two possibilities at the time of GR:

1. GR is done in a EWM storage location -> therefore MIGO cannot be used. As I understand on the PO line the confirmation key must be added and then VL31N must be used to create the inbound delivery that is distributed to EWM.

I found out that in the the latest release MIGO can be used to post the goods receipt for EWM storage locations, but this will not work for me due to the limitation of QM module that is not supported with MIGO option.

2. GR is done in a IM storage location -> MIGO should be used

The question is, as the confirmation key is not added and storage location is not known at the time of PO, the user must always go back in the purchase order, add confirmation key and use VL31N if the goods have to be received in a EWM storage location? Or is there an alternative here?

Thank you!

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