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EDQA Config in GATP

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Hi Team,

I have configured the Event-Driven Quantity Assignment (EDQA) in GATP system, however it is not working as expected. I'm trying to test a basic scenario, where there is an unconfirmed order, and due to the stock change, BOP should be triggered as part of EDQA, and the order should be confirmed.

I have configured the below steps in SPRO:

  1. Activated the Event Linkage
  2. Created Filter type, Sort profile and BOP variant
  3. Configured Order Due Lists (Obtain Confirmation) - Created an ODL and assigned the Filter type, Sort profile and activated it.
  4. Defined Process Category for Quantity Assignment to Order Due Lists (QODL)
  • Created a Category profile
  • Created a Condition profile
  • Created a Process category (assigned Profiles & Events)
  • Assigned the Process category to the Activity - Change Stock Data

After setting all these up, while trying to change the stock data, EDQA is not getting triggered and the order is not getting updated in the ODL.

Could someone help if there are any additional settings or pre-requisites which needs to be set-up for EDQA to work?



Community Manager
Community Manager
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