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ECC QM integration with decentralized EWM - error at GR 'missing data inspection planning'


Hi all,

We have configured the inspection process in EWM (IOT4).

Our scenario is ECC QM (non S/HANA) integration with decentralized EWM (S/HANA).

During our first test we get an error during goods receipt posting in EWM (GR on inbound delivery).

The error message is 'Missing data inspection planning: Business partner, vendor or shipper' . Message number /SCWM/DLV_QM002.

As this is our first time setup of the QM-EWM integration we might have missed a setting.

Does anyone has an idea why we get this error message?

greetings, Herman

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Hi All,

Found the solution to this problem.

We configured the partner determination procedure for the inbound delivery (transaction VOPAN) for the to include the vendor. Then the 'supplier' is enter as a partner.