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DP Technical Period and Weekly Bucket

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Hello All,

In our DP Planning Book, we have two data views Months and Weeks.

The issue that we are facing for few SKUs is that the numbers don't match between MONTHS and WEEKS data view.

In MONTHS view

Months Key Fig A

APR 4,845,869

MAY -5,109,015

JUN 224,846

In Weeks view


Week13 277

Week14 222

Week15 272

Week16 237

Week17 349

Week18 314

Week19 354

Week20 167

Week21 248

Week22 454

Week23 298

Now the two views do not really add up right. So when I check my same SKU in the TECHNICAL periods in the planning book, I see the following.

In Technical Period


4/01 37

4/02 222

4/09 272

4/16 237

4/23 349

4/30 4,844,752

5/01 -4,844,438

5/07 354

5/14 167

5/21 248

5/28 -265346

6/01 265800

So I found that wherever the week splits in two months, there is a very high number which makes the Month's value out of wack. This continues till the end of forecast horizon for all weeks.

One thing to be noted here is that the value in Key Fig A is copied from another Key Figure and that KF looks good.

As I am working to resolve this issue, I wanted to know if anyone has came across the same issue. Any thoughts/suggestions are also welcomed.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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what is the time based disaggregation set for KF A? is it P or K and based on another KF

I dont understand this part:

4/30 4,844,752

5/01 -4,844,438

What is your planning process? someone puts in data for the month and does someone change it in the weekly view after that

Can you please try this

0 the values in the months March to June, Save it and reenter the monthly view values and see what happens?

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Hi Harish,

The time based disaggregation is P for all the key figures.

The following is WEEK 18 which is split between April and May. So this week is split in two TECHNICAL periods (9ASTORAGE) bucket -

4/30 (April 30 only) ---> 4,844,752

5/01 (May 01 to May 06) ---> -4,844,438

I have previously zeroed out this key figure, however this problem reoccurs for some reason after few days.

The key fig A is summation of Stat Fcst and Manual Correction key figures.



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P allows for proportional disaggregation but only if there are no preexisting proportions

so looks like something in your business process is letting a quantity stay behind in the end of the month technical time buckets.

Hence the disaggregation is affected.

maybe the buckets in which stat forecast is in and the manual correction is done is not matching

also check the F1 help in the planning area on the time based disaggregation field. Maybe K with a KF to base on is a better option

there are a few post your can get in this forum with words "Time Disaggregation"

also check this help

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Thanks Harish for the input...



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