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Doubled location for the shipping points and BP in embedded TM.



I use (basic) embedded TM in S/4 system for shipper outbound scenario,

I created TM locations from ERP data by SE38 report /SAPAPO/CREATE_LOCATION.

It worked fine for several weeks until the second location was created automaticaly for particular shipping point by creation of the FU from outbound delivery.

ERP shipping point: 1200

TM location created by the report: SP_1200

new TM location created unexpectedly: SP_1200_01

I found out, because new loacation did not have ASR relevancy flag set up, therefore no connection to EWM document was realised. Except this flag everything is completely same in SP_1200 and SP_1200_01.

Same thing happend to me also for BP customer location - surprisingly created the new one with _01 suffix.

Any idea, why the location was doubled and how to prevent it?

Thank you


Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)


The reason was difference in Businness system group resulting from the system copy. Once the BSG was changed it led to regenaration of TM location.

Discovered thanks to advice from linked in TM group:

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