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Does RRP7 respect time zone of location and the Opening Date + timestamp ?

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We are using RRP7 to convert PREQs to POs/ScheduleLines of SchedAgreements. There is a strange behaviour rasing questions around the "Opening Date & Time" and I'm hoping for some hints from this community.

We are on SCM7.0 EHP3 using simple SNP heuristics for Distribution planning which basically creates PREQs to internal and external sources. An SNP PREQ has an Opening Date defined as a full time stamp Date+Time. Example: Friday, 07.12.2021,11:59am (shown if you double click the order in ProductView). Does RRP7 respect the date and time ? In my example running an RRP7 background job to catch all PREQs with 07.12.2021 at 4am in the morning - will this be respected or not ? In our scenario the PREQ sits in a location with EST timezone (US/NC) and the job run is CET / German time 07.12.2021 / 4am. This means - the job runs on 07.12.2021 CET 4am which in EST time zone of the location is 06.12.2021 / 10pm. We have user complains that some PREQs are not converted and once later that we day we run RRP7 it works - I wonder if RRP7 is

a) time zone sensitive ?

b) respecting the time stamp of the Opening Date ?

2nd Question is: there seems to be no standard report in APO to see the Opening Date+Time for SNP PREQs - using RRP7 to display the orders doesn't have this and I couldn't find a report somewhere else under SNP nor PPDS.

Thanks for any help on this.



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