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Dispose expired products/ Optimizer Profile/Shelf Life

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  • By default, the optimizer considers the location product procurement costs that were defined on the Procurement tab page in the product master.
  • so the penalty costs for this disposal will be the quantity of Products into Procurement Cost from Product Master.
  • Is there another way to calculate the penalty Cost for Disposal Products ?
  • Can anyone help me how we can  consider the Cost Function  ?
  • cost functions defined by parameters in transaction ( /sapapo/copt10),
    Due to these cost functions the cost calculation behaves differently.
    Can anyone help with how we calculate the Penalty Cost for Disposal Products? and why we consider the Cost Function ?

    Thank you

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Dear Alexander,

Costs incurred for the exceeding the shelf life is termed as Shelf life penalty cost.

These costs are globally defined in the Optimizer Profile

Go to Optimizer Profile: T-code: S_AP9_75000102

Menu path: Advanced Planning and Optimization /Supply Network Planning /Environment /Current Settings /Profiles /S_AP9_75000102 – Define SNP Optimizer Profiles

Choose an optimizer profile by double click in the list.

Go to General Constraints->

Shelf Life->

Dispose of expired product

Hope this answer your query.