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display text for keyfigures

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In SDP94 screen, for characteristics and navigational attributes, the id is being displayed. How can I make it display text instead of id. For exaple, if I have a material APM20- Advanced Material20, the system is displaying APM20. I want to see the description. How can we do this?


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If you have transferred the material via the cif and you have defined which characteristic in your POS is the "product" characteristic, you should be able to use the "choose selection fields" button in the top portion of the shuffler (may have to scroll to the right a bit) and choose what fields in the characteristic to display in SDP94 when a product is shown as the selection. You have the option of internal char value, external char value, short text, medium text, and long text. Saving this value defaults the display. So you could have the Medium Text (Advanced Material20) display instead of (or in addition to) the key (APM20). This is a user specific setting, by the way.

Hope this helps.


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Is this DP or SNP ?

For SNP, description does appear as an option in the selection ID. As for DP, the description itself can either be maintained as a Nav Attribute or you can switch on a BADI that can help you do selection based on description. You can alternatively switch on the Header which has an option to check the text box.