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Display Navigational attributes in Alert monitor

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Hi All,

My question is about displaying the Navigational attributes in Alert monitor. When Alerts are generated, they only can be displayed in the alert monitor at the characteristic level. Planners are (and will be) forecasting at navigational attribute levels – which would include things like, product hierarchy, merge, material type, etc.When we run alerts at Navigational Attribute levels, the attribute is not visible in the alert monitor.

There is a specific BADI (/SAPAPO/AM_ALERTLIST) that can be implemented (and coded) to address this issue. I have included the logic in the method /SAPAPO/IF_EX_AM_ALERTLIST~MODIFY_ALERTLIST. Iam able to populate the value using standard function modules and include the column 'Product Hierarchy6' in the table T_FIELDCAT, but I could not pass the value in the table T_ALERTS as this table do not contain the Navigational attributes. Therefore the value is not displayed on Alert monitor screen. I could see a empty column 'Product Hierachy6' in the Alert monitor screen. Please provide your inputs on the same to proceed further.

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