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Different Wave or Pick HU for different Ship to Address..

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Hi All


I have an issue I need ypur help with.

Client is using 3-4 Ship-to-addresses for just 1 Ship to party.

They are changing address manually in Sales order. So the concept of Master Data address and Document address for a Ship-to-party is in play here..

But when the Wave is created, its picking All 3 deliveries together which have different addresses. And creating just 1 Pick HU on basis oh Consolidation Group( Ship-to-party). The Ship HU picks address only from 1st delivery and which is sending the stock of rest of the deliveries on wrongs address.

Is there a standard way to either Split the Wave or split WO according to Ship-to-address ?

Can't use different Career and Route in Wave Condition records also as those aren't different for all the addresses.

P.s. Wave is Auto-release , also client doesn't want to Manually split waves. Neither agrees with the option of Manually Splitting WO by RF.

Is it achievable in Standard ?

Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert


I just tested this in an example - but in my system the system triggers different consolidation groups. Where the address was changed in the sales order, the PDO in EWM shows the flag "document address" for the partner role STPRT. So that should work, triggering a split for the pick HU by consolidation group.

*** And now I have to make a correction: I only noticed afterwards that the customer had the flag "Order Combination" NOT set. And this one was responsible that the consolidation group was different. So indeed the different addresses, even if they are triggering the flag "document address", does not influence the consolidation group.

But that might then also be the solution: do not allow order combination in the customer master, that should work.





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Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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You can always create a new access sequence and a new Waver determination condition to maintain your Wave. Pls check the setting in Goods Issue Process- > Wave management -> Define condition table , Define access sequence , Define determination procedure .