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Diff Between PPDS and SNP heuristics

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Please anyone can explain what is difference between PPDS and SNP heuristics?

Thanks in advance

Prasanta saha

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Answers (3)

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Hi Prasanta,

Please note the following differences:

SNP Heu:

1) Heu would plan for demands within your SNP horizon. It would never touch orders within your PPDS horizon.

2) Orders thus created with SNP Heu are just a rough cut planned reciepts.

3) The order created, would have a Duration in multiples of Days. Which means the least time period would be 1 day.

4) SNP heu would refer to SNP PPM in case of a production planning situation.

5) It would generate Reciepts which are only of type - SNP(Which are also termed as SNP Orders).


1) PPDS Heu would plan for demands within your PPDS Horizon. It wouldnt plan for orders outside of your PPDS horizon.

2) Orders thus created by the PPDS Heu are output firmed orders.

3) The order created, may even be in seconds . Which means that PPDS heuristic would consider time period in Seconds as well.

4) PPDS heu would refer to PPDS PPM in case of a production planning situation.

5) The reciepts generated via PPDS heu would be of type PPDS Application Orders.

It would be better to understand the difference if you jot the above mentioned points in a table, and then compare the serial number in SNP with the same serial number in PPDS.

Please let me know in case you need any further information.



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To add few more points,

1. SNP heuristics is mainly for the distribution planning across the locations to find the exact source at the higher level.

2, PPDS heuristic is aimed at the detailed planning of the (to the second) receipts.


Manimaran M.

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Purpose / objectives for SNP heuristics and PPDS are different . main differences are

SNP heuristics PPDS

Medium term to long term short term

Infinite capacity planning can be made finite depending on resource setting etc

bucket capacity time continuous capacity

With regards,