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DELIVERY SCHEDULE TARGET QUANTITY AND DIRECTORY OF SUPPLY SOURCES Objective : On certain contracts, our supplies are linked to contractual quantities which extend over several years. The system should help us generate purchase requisitions and not delivery times when all target quantities are achieved as per delivery schedules. But that is not the case today. Here is an example in test base Item: 143000340 Supplier: x Open order: 440133 Extension: 2710 Test #1 DIRECTORY OF SUPPLY SOURCES modified at the end of 2024 Target quantity adjusted to the end of 2024 with delivered history + upcoming delivery until the end of 2024  Target quantity in open order: 1792 CT We launch the Net Need Calculation via MD41 and it works: the system generates a Purchase Request after 2024. But it is the DIRECTORY OF SUPPLY SOURCES that does the work and not the targeted quantities. See below. Test #2 The SOURCE DIRECTORY provisioning was changed immediately to see how the system reacts. We do not change the target quantity. Here, the system generates delivery times in 2025 and does not take into account the target quantity. Test #3 We go back to where we started and do the opposite. We are setting the end of validity of the SOURCE DIRECTORY offer at 2024 and we are not setting any quantitative objective. The net requirement calculation works and the system generates the purchase request. Conclusion: it is the SOURCE DIRECTORY of supply which controls and we would like to be able to control by the target quantity as well, please inform me of the customization to be made

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