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Delivery cannot be distributed distributed (See the subsequent message) Message no. VL452

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Dear Experts,

I am new to EWM and when I try to create the inbound delivery I am getting this error 'Delivery cannot be distributed distributed (See the subsequent message) Message no. VL452' in Embedded EWM.

I have checked the OSS '2775368' note related to this error:

cause: It is the system standard behavior to prohibit the distribution of inbound deliveries that are based on purchase orders that have an account assignment category set on item level because inbound delivery items that refer to purchase orders with account assignment are not relevant for processing in an EWM system.

But my PO has no Account assignment, still getting this error while creating inbound delivery. Could you please suggest how to resolve this.

Thanks for you help.

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Answers (4)

Product and Topic Expert
Product and Topic Expert
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is this still open?

I would think that the message in your error log "no recipient can be found..." should indicate that you have no distribution model set up.




All the above is no official SAP statement.

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And it is EWM. NOT eWM - Duh!

And if your question includes the word "transfer order" - do NOT tag the question with Extended Warehouse Management!

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Can you check the confirmation key. I had similar issue when conf key was 003, when changed to 004 it ws able to distribute to wms

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It may be related to the quantity/value update indicator at the material type.

Refer the below link, it has been resolved.



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Hi Shiva,

these indicators are already maintained at material type level.

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Hello Srinivasa Raju Chekuri,

If not maintained, You can set the conditions for distribution of deliveries inCustomizing. To do this, choose Customizing for Logistics Execution:Decentralized WMS Integration --> Central Processing -->Distribution --> MaintainConditions for Delivery Distribution.


Neeraj Jain

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Hi Neeraj,

I am using imbedded EWM. So I have to maintain it?

Although I have checked and this is already maintained.