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Deletion while activation of BC-Set possible?

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Hi community,

My question is, if it is possible to delete entries from a customizing table within a BC-Sets one time.

I have this following scenario:

I have a created a Bc-Sets in transaction SCPR3: BC-SETS_TEST.

I included the custom table /SCWM/PI_CC_PERI into it and selected my "original" Warehouse Number WH01. WH01 has 5 entries that I want to use within activation in transaction SCPR20.

Now I activate the BC-Sets while copying the 5 entries for my different 4 warehouse numbers.

WH02, WH03, WH04, WH05.

After activation I have copied the preselected 5 entries to my 4 additional warehouse numbers.

And all the Warehouse numbers from WH01 to WH05 have the same 5 entries, because of activation of BC-Sets.

And those entries are captured in the Customizing Transport Request, that I can import to Q-System and P-System.

Now I had the Idea if I can do it also with Deletion?

That means if we are talking about the same custom table /SCWM/PI_CC_PERI in the BC-Sets BC-SETS_TEST

and I want to delete all the 5 entries from all of my Warehouse Numbers from WH01 to WH05, do I have a possibility to delete those 25 entries while activating a BC-Sets (which has a deletion command instead of copy?)...

It would be great, because nowadays we are deleting entries by hand, and capturing it into Customizing Requests.

If we have the possibility to do it via BC-Sets, that would make our life much more easier.

Thank you & bR,


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