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Deleted Handling Units in EWM

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Hi Community,

I am new to EWM and working on a report which also shall display present and deleted HUs where a GR was booked in the EWM-system (with all the associated data).

My question: Is there a table where deleted HUs are stored? Or is there another way to fetch the needed data?

Thanks in advance!


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Hello Hans,

Table /SCWM/GMHUHDR contains the dispathed handling units in the Goods Movement Log.

Related tables:

/SCWM/GMHUREF Object References of HUs from Goods Moveme
/SCWM/GMHUSTAT HU Status of HUs from Goods Movement Log

/SCWM/GMHUSTOBJ Status Object of HUs from Goods Movement L
/SCWM/GMHUDOC HU at Time of GR for Delivery
/SCWM/GMHUEPC EPCs for a Goods Movement Log
/SCWM/GMHUHDRTW HU Header TW extension of a Goods Movement
/SCWM/GMHUIDENT Additional HU Identificationss for a Goods
/SCWM/GMHUITM Handling Unit Item
/SCWM/GMHUITMSN Serial Numbers for Items of an HU Goods Mo

Additional information can be retrieved also from index tables:


Best regards,


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Dear Hans,

/SCWM/GMHUHDR and /SCWM/GMHUITM can be a good starting point.

But you can also use /SCWM/MON transaction:

  • Select the warehouse number
  • Monitor: SAP (that is the standard view)
  • Documents -> double click on Handling Unit -> select Include Dispatched HU and Include Deleted HU.
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Hi Eszter,

To begin with "/SCWM/GMHUHDR" and "/SCWM/GMHUITM" is a very good starting point. I have checked the requirement and the report needs to show the material/product from the HU. I tried to join it with "/SCWM/AQUA" via "GUID_STOCK" but unfortunately that table only shows current stock with present HUs...

Do you have any idea, how else I could get the corresponding material/product to a deleted HU?



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Hi Hans,

Unfortunately I could help only to this point. I hope if it is present in the system, a GM expert can help with further information.

Best regards,