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Deconsolidation using Nested HUs in Inbound

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Hello experts,

Requirement: process Mixed nested HU pallets into Homogenous nested HU pallets at Deconsolidation work center

I've configured POSC for Complex Inbound Delivery process with Stage, deconsolidate(Only for Mixed pallets) and final putaway. in this process we are using nested HU's(I PAL = 6 CARTON and carton contains the actual product). process is working fine for Homogenous pallets and its not working for Mixed pallets.

Issue: Assume one Mixed pallet contains two products (3 carton boxes of each product) when unload WT is completed system is creating one HU WT for Top HU to move to DECON work center and 6 product WT's for for final putaway for low level HU's.

after confirming the DECON WT for Top HU, at DECON work center created two new HU's and moved the first product 3 lower level HU's to one new HU and rest of the three lower level HU's to another HU.and completed the HU step for both the newly created TOP HU's.

I'm expecting system should adjust 6 Product WTs created earlier with newly created HU's as destination HU's. But it's not happening.

I've researched most of the questions posted in this forum.

Please suggest capture-1.png


Many thanks for your support


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