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Data source extraction error

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In APO system I have 2 clients, Client1 for BI & Client2 for APO transactions.

I have created a data source for SNP Planning area for 9AMALA aggregates.

In Quality system I get this below issue.

when I Test my datasource in APO Client by transaction /SAPAPO/SDP_EXTR, Test is successful.

But if I test in BI Client in Transaction RSA3, it gives an error message ‘Error occurred during extraction‘.

In Detail log it says ‘Datasource is not assigned to Planning area’.

I have activated & replicated the datasource in all possible means. Planning area looks consistent in APO Client. ( I could do a successful test here )

I could not trace out the Reason for error in BI client.

Please suggest.


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Answers (2)

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Hi Ram,

I think that your issue is tied to this note 522569 - BW: Working in several clients (especially APO / SCM)


Regards, Marius

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Hi Marius,

It was working initially, so this is not any limitation with SAP itself.

But I am getting this issue suddenly.

I did all this below activities as a corrective measure, but still not successful.

1. Reinitailsed Planning area in APO client

2. Replicated data source in BI Client (multiple times)

3. Replicated meta data tree in source system

4. Checked source system connectivity - looks fine

5. In APO client - Transaction /sapapo/msdp_admin - Data extraction tools - Replicated datasource,check datasource.


Data source is active in RSA1 transaction.

But still i get the error - Data source not assigned to planning area.

By somehow, assignment is missing.

How can I reassign the planning area & datasource again ?  -> This is what i am looking for.


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I Believe, You can use RSA3 for Datasources within the source system only.

if you'd created DS in APO client the RSA3 will work only in APO system for the created DS.

In BI RSA3 wont work for the DS as the source system where the DS created was APO and not BI.

Explore SCN and SAP library you'll get more info



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Hi Vinoth,

I am using RSA3 transaction in APO BI client only. Datasource is also created in APO system.