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Custom button in ICR

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I would like to have a custom button in the content toolbar of the document hierarchy area in ICR.
I have followed the steps below (based on this answer😞
- create an enhancement + action in BOBX for object /SCMTMS/PLN node TORACT
- Use SPRO Customizing in Planning -> general settings -> Define settings for Page Layout
=> I have created a button whereby the name is the same as the enhancement and the eventid is the same as the actionid created in step 1 (not sure whether this is correct). I assume you can also just fill in the button text and tooltip as you want.
=> I have assigned the button to content object 8001, content object ID ICR, web dynpro conf /ICR/WDCC_DOC_H_OVW.
- Go to tile 'Page Layouts for Inbound Cargo Registration' and click on 'restore pushbutton data' of the corresponding area. The button is visible and the checkbox is selected. Save.

When I open the ICR application with the corresponding page layout, however, the button is not visible.. What am I missing?

I also ran application 'Synchronize Page Layouts with Customizing', but this didn't help either.

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