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Cross Delivery HU in decentralized in SAP TM and EWM integration

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Hello Champs,

I understand that cross delivery HU was not support in SAP TM in older versions but this limitation is already eliminated in version SAP TM s4 hana 2021. But still it is not clear whether this limitation is eliminated in decentralized or in embedded version scenarios.

Can anyone answer this if cross delivery HU in supported in decentralized setup of SAP TM EWM?

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Answers (2)

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There exist 2 different scenarios for TM-EWM integration:

  1. Scenario: TM-EWM Integration based on EWM TU-Activities and SOAP message integration ‘Loading AppointmentRequest’ and ‘LoadingAppointmentNotification’: Cross-Delivery-HUs are supported as a local packaging item in the TM Freight Order but not as a so-called Package Unit in TM, see SAP note 3018355 Supported functional scope and restrictions of the TU-based TM EWM Integration for shippers. This holds true for embedded EWM and decentral EWM in SAP S/4HANA. STO Inbound Delivery processing in EWM in TU-Activity based TM-EWM integration is not supported yet in general, also not w/o cross-delivery HUs, see also SAP note 3018355. This topic is a planned development topic for S/4HANA 2023 release (planned only, subject to change)
  2. Scenario: Advanced Shipping & Receiving TM-EWM Integration, available so far only in ‘embedded’ deployment of SAP S/4HANA where EWM & TM are both in the same system like core logistics MM, LE etc.:
    Cross-Delivery HUS are not yet supported, see SAP note 3232331. This is a planned development topic for S/4HANA 2023 release (planned only, subject to change). STO Inbound Delivery Processing in EWM is not supported yet.
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Hi Dayanand,

You have raised a very popular topic. In Embedded it works well. However there are some limitations for scenarios like STO deliveries. Refer Note: 3080907, 1822497, 1842901.

In 1909 we have ended up using Lean HU activation - with a agreed design decision that all HUs will follow SSCC codification standard to avoid duplication.

juergen.pitz florian.kuchta2 Can you please refer us to specific Note, limitations and solution roadmap for managing HUs in S4 with EWM - TM for both embedded and decentral model.

Currently there are multiple notes and we explore and gather experience based on issue faced during projects. Is there any best practice guideline for HU management.