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Credit Exposure: value open invoices excluding VAT

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We are using Credit management in FSCM (S/4HANA). In UKM_BP SAP calculates the credit exposure:

1: open delivery value + 2: open sales order value + 3: open billing documents + 4: open invoices.

Generally the total amount of credit exposure is the liability amount. VAT is not part of the liability amount. When we have a bankruptcy we can claim back the VAT-amount from the tax authorities. So, to my opinion, the credit exposure must be the amount excluding VAT

The first 3 components of the credit exposure can be set up without VAT (setting A in column subtotal in price procedure). But how to setup the value of 'open invoices' excl VAT? An open invoice value is always incl VAT, but to calculate the amount of credit exposure I like to have the amount of open invoices excluding VAT.

Is there a way to set this up?





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