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Consolidation Group is required or not in POSC setup for Inbound-SAP EWM S4 Hana

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Dear All,

In SAM EWM 9.5 during POSC setup for Inbound with process steps IB01 ,IB02 and IB03.I have done all standard setups and for IB02 its rule based setup .I have not used Consolidation group assignments for Storage type and Activity Area assignments. We have seen that POSC is running perfectly and my requirement was to skip Deconsolidation process if it does not meets Deconsolidation Criteria and create the next task .System has done correctly and skipped IB02 and created Task for IB03:

This is correct in SAP EWM 9.5 as below screen shows:-

In SAP EWM S4 Hana system also we have done all Standard setups for IB01,IB02,IB03 .Here what we have seen that once we have received pallet on staging location it is not able to create next task and error log shows following message.

My requirement is I want to use IB01,IB02,IB03.If system is not fulfilling the criteria for Deconsolidation process it should move to next step i.e IB03

Secondly I have not used any Consolidation Group in SAP EWM 9.5 and the process is working fine without any issues. How we can achieve the same setup in SAP EWM S4 Hana Decentralized system. Kindly share your thoughts .Thanks.

This screen is from SAP EWM S4 Hana System where same setup is showing error:

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Hi Mohammad,

Let me know if you have resolved this issue, if yes what was causing this and how you resolved it