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Combine different time period in sap ibp template

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Hello experts,

I would need to create the following view in SAP IBP excel (basically year on the row axis and months in the x-axis). Would be possible?

many thanks!


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Answers (2)

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You can find an example of how to setup in the help portal:
Configuring Period-to-Period Comparison with Time Profile Attributes

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I think it should work if you create an attribute to the time profile level of the month "zyear" as 4-digit integer and load the value to the time profile.

Than in Excel you choose the month.

On the attribute tab you choose your "group" and "zyear"

And in the layout you change the left side to first group, second key figure, third "zyear". Plus, you keep the the time on the right side, which is the month