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COA and Source Inspection

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Hi Experts,

I have a client requirement where a purchase order is created for a bulk quantity which can be delivered in multiple vendor batches gradually. We will receive the COA for each vendor batch before the actual delivery. The purchase order may have only one line item and there could be multiple GRs against that.

The QM certificate (QC51) only supports Certificate for each PO item and/or Certificate for each GR item. Both of them doesn't fulfil my requirement. If I set certificate for each GR item, then even the COA is inspection and checked, it will block GR or create new certificate on every GR for same vendor batch.

If I activate certificate for each PO item only, then we cannot block GR or notify inwards team for second, third, fourth COA/Vendor Batch.

Please help how can I resolve this problem.

I have checked the other option by using Source Inspection. Source inspection gets created with full PO qty, if I receive another COA for second vendor batch, I cannot block GR. I tried creating second source inspection lot manually but it is not linked to purchase order (if we create 0101 lot through QA01) and doesn't block GR if I reject the UD.

Let me know if we can fulfil this requirement through standard solution or any simple development.

Just to conclude the requirement:

1. Inspection/COA before GR

2. Block or at least warn during GR

3. GR will be done by goods receiving team which might not have QC visibility

4. Multiple COAs and vendor batches for one purchase order

5. We are using both EWM and Non EWM goods

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So keep in mind, this process is only related to whether a physical COA was received when the shipment arrived. Is that a requirement? If so, it should be on the GR level. I mean, how is your dock person to know if the vendor batch was receipted before or not? Do you have them go in every time and check? It should be a simple yes/no, they gave us a physical COA or they didn't.

What I would probably suggest is that at lot creation, if the receiver said NO, than have a user exit check in QC53 for a previous COA receipt for the same vendor batch and if found, set the current QC51 record as received.

Either way, I would think you'd want a "COA reviewed" characteristic in your inspection plan. QA would verify any existing COA is still valid for the incoming batch (specs do change, material expires, etc..). Or if its a new vendor batch (and hence a new COA), review it. If its missing, contact the vendor for it.


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Hello Craig,

I’ve read many of your answers to other QM questions and got immense help. Glad to see your response to my question. Thank you.
The requirement is that the CoAs are received some days prior to actual delivery. CoA gets received in a common email address and checked by Quality team. We need to record this CoA receipt in SAP and also have to upload the PDF somewhere. If CoA fails we need to send email to vendor automatically and similary if it is passed. It is kind of approval given to vendor based on CoA.
If CoA is good only then quality team will create a batch in SAP(manually). When we receive ASN information, the procurement team will create Inbound delivery and link it with SAP batch created by QA team. This way they will believe that if Batch is present then CoA already checked by QA team and they won’t have to confirm each time.

The goods will be arrived after few days and the receiving team will just do visual inspection (need to record in SAP) and the product can be used after GR without any checks by quality team.

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Hi Markus,

Thanks for your response. We have had some more workshops, the process is as follows:

1. PO created with one Line Item only

2. CoA Received before delivery

3. For some materials samples received before delivery and Q tests done (need inspection lot to record in SAP)

4. Inbound Delivery Created

5. Goods Arrived

6. Goods Receipt

7. Visual Inspection + Sample Testing(Sometimes) (need inspection lot to record in SAP)

8. UD

For step 2, the problem with QC51 and one line item remains the same. I thought of using Inspection lot, but again the same problem with source inspection lot (works based on line item). Appreciate if you can suggest any way or simplest way to do even with enhancement. I wanted to use QC51 as in future client like to use CoA through EDI and recording in SAP automatically. Also QC51 gives us standard reports.

For step 3, again the problem remains same with Source Inspection lot. Need for each batch.

For Step 7, I am planning to use inspection lot with two operations, one for Visual Inspection and second (optional) for sample testing.


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Hey Sushant

I don't think in standard SAP you can achieve exactly what you want.

In case you don't need a certificate handling/reminders afterwards you might want to consider using inspection lots instead of certificates to make a quality inspection by batch (assuming you also created one internal batch by vendor batch)

Otherwise you might end up splitting your PuO into items by vendor batch or do some custom enhancement.