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CO06 "Please select a line that can be changed" - Unable to see blue lines

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Hi team,

I have a problem related to CO06, error message AG755: "Please select a line that can be changed".

When I enter to a specific material/plant in CO06, I can see that all the lines are confirmed and black. Any of the sales orders confirmed appear in blue, meaning able to change the confirmation.

I have been reading all similar issues and I can say that the problem is NOT coming from:

- Confirmation at storage location level (1773701 Note)

- Product Selection Item (1773701 Note)

- Running ATP_VBBE_CONSISTENCY. Programchecks and everything OK, no differences.

Am I missing something else?

What could be the cause of this error?

Thank you!


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Hi Eva,

it is hard to judge as it is unclear which steps have been performed or how the sales order item for which a confirmation change shall be possible actually looks like. I would recommend to open an incident for it such that support could assist.

You tagged the question with SAP S/4HANA for advanced ATP. Please be aware that co06 is part of the restriction for advanced ATP (see also 2982461).


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Thank you Andreas, I guess I would have to do that 🙂

I have removed the tag for aATP.