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CI-DS Integration without CI-DS Agent

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Hello Experts,

i have a particular scenario that i would like to learn more about. We are setting up IBP integration with external systems by using CI-DS. External systems include S/4 HANA and other non-SAP systems.

For S/4 HANA, we have no issues as we are going to use standard IBP<->CI-DS<->CI-DS Agent<->S/4

However, for the other external system we are thinking to integrate them by sending a flat csv file containing the data to CI-DS and then upload to IBP (IBP<->CI-DS<->csv<->Ext.sys)

Now, what i understood by looking at SAP Help (File Location | SAP Help Portal) is that flat csv files can be sent via ftp protocol upon definition of the specific datastore. What now is the problem is that to define the datastore (and actually any other datastore as much as i can see) CI-DS Agent must be installed to the server where the to be integrated system is.

For some limitations, we are unable to install the Agent on the external system server.

Therefore, is there a way to send the csv file through CI-DS and then IBP without using the Agent?

(i know there is the data integration job as manual step but we would like to avoid using it)

Could you please suggest on the above?

Thank you very much.

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The DS Agent is required for integration with CI-DS. You can set up the ftp/sftp file location or explore the available datastore options to access the csv files.

Parveen Kumar

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Hello Parveen,

Thank you very much for the quick reply.

So it is either upload manually with the data integration app or find a way to install the Agent on the external system server...

Is Odata integration something feasible for a proper integration? I do not fully understand the IBP implementation but i found some documentation on that.

Thanks again for your time

Best Regards,

Active Participant

Hi maria_lorenzo,

The CPI-DS agent must be installed, this is not optional. The agent is basically the product itself. The CPI-DS webUI that you can see in your web browser is just for creating the datastores and the dataflow logic. Once they are done and you press the "Run Now" button on a task, the cloud server generates and passes an executable ATL file to the agent which executes it by fetching the data from the source, transforming the data and forwarding the data to the target application.

CPI-DS supports consuming OData: