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Changing the weight of cross-delivery packages in Freight Orders (with ASR EWM/TM-integration)

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Hello experts,

We're looking at a scenario in which packaging is done in EWM for each outbound delivery. In /SCWM/PACK the weight of the packaging and its contents can be changed without restrictions. After processing in EWM is done the freight unit (created per delivery and supplied with information from EWM) is assigned to a freight order.

In a current case, multiple deliveries are supposed to be packed into one package. Since using one package for multiple delivery orders is not supposed to be done in EWM, we created dummy-packages for each delivery and want to create the real, final package for all deliveries in the freight order, to which all freight units for all deliveries are eventually assigned. Which means, that the final package is created in the freight order and all items from each freight unit are moved into that package. The weight of these items is set by the dummy packages created in EWM.

The question I have is regarding the weight of that final package. The weight of that package is the sum of the weights set by the dummy packages in EWM and the weight of the final packaging itself. The weight of the package itself can be changed, since it has been created in the freight order. However, the weight of the content (dummy packages) can't be changed, probably because the weight of the content has been set in EWM (/SCWM/PACK) and the freight order can't change weights set in a different system.

Is there a way to change the weight for that final package in the freight order, even if different weights for its content have been entered in EWM (/SCWM/PACK)?

Kind regards,


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