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Changing BDC / Assigning new BDC

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We are planning to change Item Master data BDC assignment and change BDC. This we are doing to take out Assets/Equity overview reports from BCS.

1-Changing Existing BDC to include Movement Type of Type 02 (Reqd,if blank default)

2-Assigning BDC with Movement Type of type 02 (Reqd, if blank default) to items

3-Assigning BDC with Movement Type of type 03 (Reqd, default allowed) to items

Post, above activity do we need to run Break down Check and carryout correction of historical transactions? Is it a must?

Why is this required, if I am going to use enhanced data prospectively?

Please advise

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Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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For such scenarios as this I have found the breakdown check program very helpful, especially for balance sheet items. Otherwise you will have the portion of the balance prior to the change without movement type and the portion after the change with movement type.

The program will automatically populate those records with blank movement type with the default value per the new BDC.

Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi UR,

In my experience I had a lot of problems when changed any BDCs and tried to inverse some entries posted with the old BDCs.

In your case, if you are sure that there will not such situations in the future, I'd go ahead. Cannot be sure on 100%. I'm ready to be corrected if anyone has more experience in the question.