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Change History Snapshot Configuration Error - Demand Sensing

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Hello Experts,

  • 1.Snapshot data not getting loaded:

IBPDS planning area which was configured by copying SAP delivered unified planning area UNIPA05 had snapshot configured already. Hence while trying to load data to this change history snapshot configured, it is throwing below error message

Unable to read file for batch ID 2915. Reason: Fatal error. More info in table /IBP/IMTCLOG.

Please find the screenshot of my snapshot file below:

  • 2.Planning area activation is failing with snapshot configuration.

Since it was throwing above error for data load, in the process to solve the error, it was decided to delete the snapshot configuration and create new one to start fresh. Planning area was activated by deleting the change history snapshot configuration. However, now when I’m trying to add new change history snapshot configuration, the planning area is not getting activated and is failing with below error message.

E - An exception of type 'CX_AMDP_EXECUTION_FAILED' occurred, that was not caught anywhere in the call hierarchy. It was not handled locally or declared using a RAISING clause.

E - An error occurred when the database procedure /IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM=>SOPDM_ALTER_TABLES was called. Potentially, the procedure /IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM=>SOPDM_ALTER_TABLES was called by another database procedure. The method called from ABAP is /IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM=>SOPDM_ACTIVATEPLSET Database connection used: "" (default connection if empty) SQL error on the database: "129" SQL message on the database: "transaction rolled back by an internal error: search table error: "SAPHANADB"."/IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM=>SOPDM_ACTIVATEPLSET#stb2#20161214140724": line 8 col 3 (at pos 196): "SAPHANADB"."/IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM=>SOPDM_ACTIVATEPLSET": line 35 col 5 (at pos 2248): [129] (range 3): transaction rolled back by an internal error: transaction rolled back by an internal error: search table error: "SAPHANADB"."/IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM=>SOPDM_ACTIV_STAG_KFTAB": line 190 col 9 (at pos 13360): [129] (range 3): transaction rolled back by an internal error: column name already exists: search table error: "SAPHANADB"."/IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM=>SOPDM_ALTER_TABLES": line 105 col 11 (at pos 4737): [308] (range 3) column name already exists exception: column name already exists: DEMANDPLANNINGQTY_REV: line 1 col 60 (at pos 59)"

E - Error at: /IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM========CP, /IBP/CL_SAP_SFND_SOPDM========CM00J:101

As the error message states (“column name already exists”) snapshot configuration was changed and different suffixes was given, no matter what suffix name we provide, it’s the same error message with the corresponding suffix.

Snapshot configuration is a mandatory for demand sensing and it is not letting me configure the snapshot and activate the planning area.

Please help.



Accepted Solutions (1)

Accepted Solutions (1)

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Hi Anil,

Can share demand sensing snapshot configuration screen shot.

Best Regards,


Answers (1)

Answers (1)

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Hi Anil,

Was your issue resolved?

I am facing the exact similar issue while activating planning area after deleting the snapshot configuration and creating a new one.